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Legal Notice

22 Apr.2021

Copyright – Right of reproduction

This entire website comes under the jurisdiction of French and international copyright and intellectual property law. All rights of reproduction, including iconography and photography, are reserved. The reproduction of all or part of this site in any way is strictly forbidden without the express authorization of the site’s management. Texts may be reproduced on paper for educational purposes, as long as three conditions are complied with: distribution is free of charge, the integrity of the documents is respected (no modifications or alterations) and the source is cited in clear, readable manner in the following format: “Document from the Fondation de France website. Rights of reproduction reserved and strictly limited.” For any other usage, please contact us.

Use of personal data

The personal data that you transmit to Fondation de France through its institutional website fondationdefrance.org is processed by Fondation de France. This processing is necessary for managing donor relations, distributing information (newsletters and brochures) as well as responding to your inquiries.

The collection and processing of this personal data is justified by:

  • your consent to receive newsletters and/or brochures ;
  • compliance with a legal obligation concerning the issuing of tax receipts ;
  • the legitimate interest of Fondation de France as an organization in the charitable sector to register donations, to inform donors of their donation history and how their gifts are used, to retain donors, to seek potential donors and to analyze the collected donations for statistical purposes.

This data is intended for our Chief Development Officer, our Chief Fundraising Officer and our Editorial Team, as well as third parties commissioned by Fondation de France, be it for an online donation, sending your tax receipt, one of our donation campaigns, or a specific research project.

This data is stored only for the period that is strictly necessary to achieve the aforesaid purposes.

Fondation de France pledges that it will not transfer your data outside the European Union. In the case of an online form, your data may be shared with certain organizations in the charity sector.

In accordance with the French Act on Information Technology, Data Files and Civil Liberties, you can prohibit the use of your data or make a complaint to the French Data Protection Authority (Commission nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés, hereafter “CNIL”) if you feel we have not complied with legal requirements. You have the right to access your data to rectify, update, limit, or delete your data, as well as the right to data portability. Finally, you have the right to withdraw your consent to receive newsletters and brochures at any time.

To exercise these rights, you may contact us by regular mail with proof of your identity at the following address:

Fondation de France
Service Juridique
40 Avenue Hoche
75008 Paris

Emails and privacy

The following information is related to the sending of emails.

We inform you that:

  • the confidentiality of correspondence transmitted via the Internet is not guaranteed;
  • emails are stocked on our information technology systems for as long as it takes the administrators to respond.


Fondation de France offers numerous links to other sites, mostly official ones. We always indicate which site we suggest you visit.

However, these web pages, whose addresses are regularly verified, are not part of our portal. We are not responsible for the content of these sites.

User information concerning cookies

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file that is installed on your hard disk when you visit a website. Cookies make it possible for a site to reuse a visitor’s preferences or measure a visitor’s navigation behavior. In this way, the website can improve its services and visitor experience. Cookies can also help the site offer information adapted to the visitor’s preferences. It is important to know that only the site that sends the cookie can read or modify the information in the cookie. A cookie can be active for different lengths of time (from the duration of the website to several years). The website supplier or online service decides on the duration according to the function of the cookie in question.

How do we use cookies on the Fondation de France website?

To improve the ease of use, performance and services of our current website, the site fondationdefrance.org uses the following types of cookies:

  • cookies that are technically necessary for the proper functioning of the websites. Among other things, these cookies allow users to access personal and restricted areas on our site.
  • cookies used to measure and analyze user behavior during navigation. These cookies allow Fondation de France to keep statistics on the number of visits and uses for various parts of our website (sections and content visited, browsing history), which allows us to improve the quality and ergonomics of our services.
  • cookies used for sharing website pages on social media. These cookies make it possible to measure the use of the various social media share buttons that we offer on our site.
  • cookies linked to advertising. These cookies can display, in real time, content that might be interesting to users, based on their recent navigation history on our website.
Fondation de France pledges not to keep personal data for any of these types of cookies.

How can you manage the cookies that are installed on your computer?

Cookie data collection is subject to the user’s authorization, which may be modified at any time through your browser’s configuration settings. If you have enabled cookies in your browser, the cookies integrated in the pages and content that you have visited can be temporarily stored in a dedicated space. They can only be read by their sender. If you disable cookies on your computer, or you delete those that have been installed, you will no longer benefit from their functions. For example, you will no longer be able to access secure and private areas of a site with a memorized password. You will have to retype your password each time you connect.

How can you manage cookies on your browser?

You can configure your browser so that cookies are allowed or disabled, either for all cookies or selectively, according to their websites. You can also configure your browser so it will ask you if you accept or decline cookies each time you go to a site. Cookie settings vary according to your browser. You can find instructions on how to manage cookies in your browser’s help menu.

Below are the links to the instruction manuals for the most popular browsers:


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Telephone : +  33 1 44 21 31 00
Fax : +33 1 44 21 31 01
Publication manager for the website : Axelle Davezac


8 rue de la Ville l’Evêque, 75008 Paris
Telephone : +33 1 84 13 00 00
Fax : +33 899 173 788


34 boulevard Bonne Nouvelle
75010 Paris


29800 Landerneau

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